Conference Room Support

We’ve all been there. Ten minutes before the conference, someone unfamiliar with the technology is trying to set things up. Remote locations call in saying that they cannot access the meeting, and the keynote presentation will not load. Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a manual, or presentation, or even a help desk standing by to assist?

That meeting scenario will not happen if you have your conference room built by IVCi. We’re the professionals who never leave our clients out in the cold, whatever the circumstance. Our conference room support begins the moment we complete the build, and never ends. Period. We offer our full-service program, IVCi End-User Support™ to ensure that expectations for every meeting can be fulfilled. Here’s how it works:

IVCi offers telephone and video assistance through our Call Center. This feature can make the difference between having to cancel a meeting or having a successful one. In addition, we offer On-Site Staffing, a service that deploys IVCi’s highly experienced video technicians to your location in response to technological issues, thereby ensuring that your key business meetings come off without a hitch.

IVCi’s Conference Room Support Services Ensure Success

To work optimally, a well-designed and implemented meeting room must be fully-functional and be well-maintained. As part of our Collaboration Assurance Program, IVCi’s post-deployment services include:

  • IVCi Adoption Services: A three-pronged approach that includes professional training, internal marketing, and documentation services to secure the success of your solution.
  • IVCi End-User Support: Services include Call Center, On-Site Staffing, and Operational Support to reinforce program adoption.
  • IVCi Metrics and Analytics Services: Measures the efficacy of your collaboration investment to ensure its success.
  • IVCi Maintenance and Support Services: IVCi’s professionals offer peace-of-mind by providing comprehensive operational conference room support for every aspect of your meeting environment.

IVCi’s professionals will provide your business with the support services necessary to ensure your continued success. For more information, we invite you to contact us at (800) 224-7083.

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