The biggest challenge to managing a successful AV integration is communication and sharing information. To get the room you want, you need the right partner. Consider these challenges before choosing.

Challenges of an AV Integration

You described the collaboration space you wanted for your end-users. Your sales representative worked with an engineer and they produced a perfect design. But, when your AV project was finished, what you asked for wasn’t what was delivered. Or, you asked to make a change, and it wasn’t in your room.

Here’s another. It’s the big day. The installation technician arrives at your site to begin, but there are parts missing, everything is delayed, and the deadline is missed.

Why do AV projects have these problems?

It’s simple. It’s miscommunication. With many moving parts and large teams with members that need to work concurrently, it’s easy for gears to grind and projects to get delayed because information didn’t get passed along. But, fear not. With proper planning, execution, and the right partner, there is a cure.

Information Flow Improves AV Integration

The most important challenge of any AV integration is creating a vehicle for information flow. Without a dependable delivery system for communication, mistakes happen. Critical information needs to be provided in real-time so every member of a team is instantly informed. The team is often diverse and includes: sales, design engineers, order management, programming, testing and installation technicians, project management, construction trades, and the help desk. If there is no mechanism made for keeping everyone tuned-in on all issues, breakdowns can easily happen, especially across departments. So, it’s imperative to remove the “silos” by establishing a fast and accurate delivery system.

Once this is in place, information flows and the project is executed quickly. Your requirements are accurately defined and recorded, so they pass from engineer to order management to testing and installation technicians. Everyone works together towards the same goal. If you request a change, the team knows about it. So, the room you requested is the room you get.

Also, if there’s a snag—a part or a technician isn’t available—this is quickly identified. A project manager assigned to the implementation uses the system to monitor and address issues as they develop. This way, if a problem occurs, it’s fixed and momentum continues, so you get your room finished on-time.

And, after installation, if you’re having an issue with your solution, the help desk is able to troubleshoot the problem by reviewing the detailed information recorded during every step of the design and implementation phases of your project. (For example, if there is an issue with audio volume, the help desk has access to all of the audio files used throughout implementation, testing, and installation. Quick access to all of these will help pinpoint the issue. Was the volume affected between the second and third versions?)

Pick a Proven AV Partner

Consider the challenges addressed above before choosing an AV partner. Make sure there is an established system for communication, so in the end, there are no nasty surprises.

Then, when you’re ready to start, give yourself peace-of-mind. Contact IVCi to get the room you want and the service you deserve. And, with our proven systems in place, we’ll make sure this happens before your due date.