Business Video Assessment

Begin with the end in mind. Start with a Business Video Assessment.
Provide the proper groundwork for a successful project by making sure technology aligns perfectly with business goals.

Business Video Assessment for Collaboration Solutions

Every successful video conferencing or unified communications implementation begins with an assessment. This provides the proper groundwork for a successful project by making sure that the collaboration technology aligns perfectly with your organization’s overall business goals and objectives.

Each assessment begins with a thorough analysis of your business so challenges can be addressed and a roadmap can be built for designing a collaboration solution that meets your exact needs. Key stakeholders and end users are interviewed to identify critical processes that have a significant impact on workload and to determine expectations.

The final result is a detailed report that describes your organization’s underlying network and provides a summary of your business objectives. It includes an overview of all identified issues, addresses how the technology impacts your business, and provides global recommendations and remediation suggestions. It includes the following key areas:

  • QoS Compliance: Delivers an enterprise quality of service (QoS) strategy for IM, telephony, video and web conferencing, and end-user business applications with a compliance analysis.
  • Performance Compliance: Determines if the network is adequate for deploying video and other applications by analyzing utilization of the CPU, memory, and bandwidth and identifying gaps.
  • Hardware and Software Compliance: Evaluates hardware platforms, device line cards and buffers, and software releases to make sure they provide the levels required to support video and other applications.

Three Benefits of a Business Video Assessment

Collaboration must be thought of as a long-term strategy and the Business Video Assessment serves as an essential roadmap for all future planning. It delivers these three significant benefits for building a successful implementation:

#1 Validation
A Business Video Assessment enables your organization to validate whether your investment in collaboration technology is properly aligned with your overall business goals and objectives.

#2 Proven Processes
Based on industry best practices and built on years of experience, a Business Video Assessment ensures your collaborative environment is running as efficiently as possible.

#3 Return on Investment
Your organization benefits by achieving higher levels of usage and adoption for a significant return on your technology investment.


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