Meeting Room Technologies that Maximize Communication & Collaboration

Use audio visual solutions such as huddle rooms, video walls/displays, extended classrooms, and wireless collaboration to communicate without boundaries.

Strategy for Success: Integrate IVCi’s Audio Visual Conference Room Solutions

Business communication and idea-sharing has evolved and expanded from simple conference calls to include a variety of collaboration options. IVCi offers flexible AV conferencing tools that can be adapted to suit your current and future inter-communication needs.

IVCi’s highly efficient audio visual conferencing solutions will provide optimal classroom participation and learning opportunities. Maximize the value and spontaneity that huddle rooms offer for peak meeting outcomes. Your team will include input from all staff with IVCi’s conference room tools, even if they are located across the country.

Remain competitive and stay in touch with today’s increasingly remote workforce. Via tablets and mobile devices, IVCi’s conferencing packages turn any setting into an opportunity for seamless, wireless collaboration.

More and more advertisers and businesses are utilizing video walls and digital signage displays to attract shoppers, convey information, or just to interact.

However your team collaborates or interacts with prospects, clients, and customers, IVCi provides the audiovisual products and services to allow your business to continue its success story.