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Each audio visual space is unique, not only in size and shape, but also in function. And, it takes a team of experts to deal with the nuances of its implementation. IVCi’s engineers have the collective knowledge and background to create an AV solution that aligns with your strategy.
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AV Design Services

At IVCi, we define the art of possibilities. You know your business. We know collaboration. Together, we’ll help you paint a perfect picture of a space that not only meets, but exceeds, your requirements. All it takes is imagination and the right partner. And, IVCi is it. We can accommodate an implementation of any size or complexity—from standard AV rooms, to state-of-the-art meeting spaces, all the way to sophisticated, enterprise-level deployments of a global collaboration strategy across multiple locations. Regardless of your needs, we’ve got the AV design services to make it happen. So, don’t hesitate. When you’re ready to imagine, let IVCi guide and execute your vision.

AV Room Design

IVCi starts every project the same way. We listen and learn about you. What are your business challenges, how does your organization work, and what are your collaboration needs? Then, we record every surface, piece of furniture, and existing technology in your room. We leave no rock unturned. With IVCi Site Survey, we gather all key information and record every critical detail.

IVCi Design Engineers have both the formal training and hands-on experience to thoroughly understand your business requirements and the unique dynamics of your space. They design a new solution from the ground up or integrate new technology and functionality into your current system. Equipment such as displays, projectors, video conferencing equipment, and control systems are specifically selected for your needs and budget.

Then, a drafting team creates detailed architectural drawings that become project blueprints. During this step, our Design Engineers may also use IVCi 3D Modeling to help you make decisions by providing a visual representation of the physical space. It’s the best way to avoid making last minute changes requiring costly reconstruction.

When redesigning an older room, our Design Engineers will assess how the room was used, determine the new needs, and refresh the space to bring it up-to-date with new standards and capabilities. They will examine what you have, evaluate how to integrate with existing technologies, and make remedial recommendations. And, if appropriate, they will introduce new audio visual solutions that are interoperable with your current systems.

After the design is completed, a detailed quote is generated providing pricing, the scope of work (SOW), products, services, and other necessary information. When the proposal becomes an order, the Design Engineer provides additional information, such as construction drawings, and the Project Manager schedules a kickoff meeting for the implementation team.

AV Design Services

It’s complicated to design a collaboration solution that needs to consider many different applications, networks and devices while also accommodating a mobile workforce including remote workers. The technical demands of incorporating video, telepresence, chat, voice and mobile capabilities can quickly overwhelm any company. That’s where IVCi Collaboration Strategists can help.

Our Collaboration Strategists build a roadmap for both the short- and long-term plans of your collaboration solution. By performing ROI calculations, they highlight the business value of our proposed program, including how it improves operational efficiencies and how it can economically scale. They prove the value of your investment and show how it can grow to adapt to future demands.

Corporate-Wide Room Standards

By mapping out a comprehensive set of rooms that can be replicated across your entire organization for small, medium, and large spaces, our Collaboration Strategists significantly benefit your business. They develop corporate-wide standards using state-of-the-art collaboration technologies to solve your most recent business requirements while also applying new methods to better overcome traditional needs.

Just sit and start. That’s our motto. When your end-users walk into a standard space, everything feels familiar. It looks the same, it works the same, and every meeting starts the same. With a familiar graphical user interface (GUI) on the panel or control system users relax and focus on their meeting.

Not only do standard rooms reduce frustration and drive adoption among your staff, they also reduce costs. It’s consistency for efficiency. The control and audio code are created just once. And, having IVCi as a single provider for all of your services, streamlines your projects and support.

Design Considerations

Every IVCi design addresses critical components such as acoustics, lighting, shading and furniture. Click here to learn more about how these factors impact room performance and your experience.


Our trusted Design Engineers and Collaboration Strategists are capable of meeting the complex challenges of your implementation. With years of applied experience backed by leading technical certifications, they are subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds, so that regardless of your industry, you’ll be coupled with one that has the expertise needed for your specific application.

They are industry scholars in relentless pursuit of the most relevant skills, and they have a diverse and extensive list of industry certifications—from InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist―Design (CTS-D) to USGBC LEED Green Associate and numerous other manufacturer certifications.

Partner with an AV Design Expert

Before choosing an AV partner, determine if they have the av design services and tools needed to overcome the challenges of a complex collaboration project. Then, when you’re ready to start, give yourself peace-of-mind. Contact IVCi to get the expertise and service you need for the audio visual solution you want.

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