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A successful AV implementation requires choosing a partner that listens to you and has proven systems and innovative tools in place to make sure you get the room you want. Learn why our approach to AV design and integration is better for you.
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IVCi Tools and Processes for Audio Visual Services

During the Discovery Phase, our sales professionals guide the conversation by using IVCi Site Survey to record the specific details of your requirements. Pictures are taken of every surface and piece of your existing equipment.

With your needs defined and the space documented, we move onto the Develop Phase. It takes a top-notch design engineer to customize the perfect solution to meet your exact specifications. At IVCi, we have leading industry experts that are masters at this. With the highest manufacturer certifications, they handpick the latest proven components to customize a solution that meets your business needs. No nasty surprises at the end. You’ll get the room you requested. We promise.

During this process, we may use IVCi 3D Modeling to provide you with computer-generated images of the room. A simulated walkthrough enables you to visualize the space and make layout decisions.

With the design determined, we then move onto the Deploy Phase. A highly-trained Project Manager assigned to your implementation relies on IVCi Project, a tool we developed in-house to assign and track all tasks and provide real-time communication for everyone on the team. It enables them to quickly review and monitor the status of your project. Resources and activity for your implementation are recorded, so the Project Manager can quickly address any issues impeding progress.

During implementation, we create your solution at our centralized fabrication facility and perform Full Functionality Testing. We make sure it’s rigorously tested and meets our quality standards before shipment. Then, with plug-and-play audio video racks that are ready to go, we begin our installation. The technician pulls cables, performs final testing, and certifies the room. By doing our testing off-site, we minimize delays and disruptions to your business while meeting deadlines.

After installation, IVCi continues to provide outstanding service. A complete history of your implementation is immediately available in IVCi Project and assists our help desk in troubleshooting any issues. And, with innovative services such as Live Video Assist, an IVCi technician can be virtually in the room with you for diagnosis and repair. Now, that’s comforting.

Pick a Proven Partner

Before choosing an AV partner, determine if they have the tools and audio visual services to overcome the challenges of a complex AV project. Will they follow your audio visual design requirements? Will they make your deadline?

Then, when you’re ready to start, give yourself peace-of-mind. Contact IVCi to get the room you want and the service you deserve. And, with our proven systems in place, we’ll make sure this happens before your due date.

  • Discover the business and requirements of your particular organization.
  • Develop a collaboration strategy.
  • Design solutions, a budget, and timelines.
  • Deploy your AV solution.
  • Drive Usage & Adoption through training programs.
  • Manage & Support your AV solution through our 24/7 Help Desk, Live Video Assist and maintenance plans.
  • Measure & Validate the success of your AV strategy.
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