The Visual Workplace

Prysm is helping companies define a new way of work. One where applications, content, video conferencing and the web can all be easily combined into a visual workspace where teams can create, edit and share. These interactive workspaces are stored in the cloud and available on any sized screen. Prysm’s Visual Workplace solutions span from executive briefing center to home office — and every size workplace in between. Today, Prysm powers 20% of the Fortune 500 and their customers include companies in many industries including technology, energy, finance, healthcare, media and universities.

Prysm headquartered in San Jose, California has installations around the world and offers Visual Workplace solutions that are perfect for the boardroom, the two-person huddle room and everything in between. Their custom info walls can be tailored to any size space.

Prysm holds over 100 patents and invented Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), which uses a patented laser engine and a phosphor panel to create breathtakingly beautiful images with low-power, solid-state lasers. LPD solutions offer brilliant image quality with canvas-wide uniformity, unmatched viewing angles and the industry’s smallest environmental footprint. Compared to other digital technologies, Prysm’s solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership, using up to 75% less energy, and offer an array of advanced features, benefits and usage possibilities.

IVCi has embedded Prysm technologies into rooms and workspaces with advanced Audio Visual technologies that are designed, installed and serviced by IVCi’s AV integration division.


Prysm Visual Workspace


PRYSM APPLICATION SUITE; Dynamic software that combines applications, content, the web and video conferencing for enhanced collaboration experiences that can be shared simultaneously by many locations.

PRYSM CLOUD; Stores and organizes content into cloud-based visual workspaces enabling persistent access and increased productivity for global and remote teams.

PRYSM DISPLAYS; Large touch-screen displays available in a variety of standard and customized sizes that are up to 75% more energy-efficient. Standard sizes include 65, 85 and 98 LCD and 117 and 190 LPD.

PRYSM MOBILE; Freedom to access private or shared cloud workspaces from anywhere on any device.



Prysm Mobile
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