Polycom Voice

Polycom conference phones are found in the collaboration and conference rooms of Fortune 100 enterprises. IVCi has partnered with Polycom to bring our customers the highest quality conference phones that deliver great sound clarity to every meeting participant, regardless of their location. Polycom’s telephone conferencing collection represents their advanced audio and teleconferencing technology while IVCi’s highly experienced professionals ensure every Polycom component adapts to every conference room environment.

As a leader in telephony and telepresence products, Polycom holds patents for its acoustic technology. The result is enterprise-grade audio that permits every voice to be heard clearly, even when speaking in tandem. These conferencing audio systems feature broad interoperability with your firm’s existing phone platforms, from analog to IP, and include Broadsoft, Microsoft Lync, and Skype for Business. In addition, Polycom conference phones may be customized to meet specific needs. For business, this technology translates into increases in collaboration, productivity, and ROI.

Phone Solutions for Every Business Conferencing Need

Polycom conference phone solutions include:

  • Analog Conferencing systems: designed to be deployed on the global Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • VoIP Conferencing systems: Phones that run on current and projected Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  • Microsoft Conferencing systems: The only collection of conference call phone models designed to fully interface with Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync.
  • USB Speakerphones: Enable mobile users to fully participate remotely.

IVCi provides Polycom conference phone systems to enterprises of all sizes and work within every client’s budget. We offer phone conferencing solutions for internal, multi-site, and international locations. In addition, our renowned customer service ramps up after deployment. We offer proprietary adoption and maintenance programs that ensure our clients will always be able to contact our team for assistance, whenever and wherever.

IVCi is a Platinum Polycom Reseller which enables our professional team to architect and deliver turnkey systems and upgrades that promote superior conferencing solutions. If you have questions about Polycom conference phones, allow IVCi’s professional team to demonstrate its benefits for your business. Please contact us at (800) 224-7083.

VVX 600
VVX 600 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 1500 D
VVX 1500 D Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 400 / 410
VVX 400 / 410 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 300
VVX 300 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 1500
VVX 1500 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 600 / 601
VVX 600 Polycom Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation2
Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone
Polycom® RealPresence Trio™ Solution
Polycom RealPresence Trio Solution
Soundstation Duo
Soundstation Duo Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 500 / 501
VVX 500 / 501 Polycom Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation2W
Polycom SoundStation2W Conference Phone
VVX 400 / 401 / 410 / 411
VVX 400 / 410 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX 300 / 301 / 310 / 311
VVX 300 Polycom Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation IP 7000
Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone
VVX 201
VVX 201 Polycom Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation IP 6000
Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 Conference Phone
Polycom® VoiceStation® 300
Polycom® VoiceStation® 300 Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation IP 5000
Soundstation Duo Polycom Conference Phone
Polycom VVX Expansion Module
Polycom VVX Expansion Module Conference Phone
VVX 101
VVX 101 Polycom Conference Phone
VVX D60 Wireless Handset
Polycom VVX D60 Wireless Handset
SoundStructure C-Series
Polycom SoundStructure C-Series
The Polycom SoundStructure SR12
The Polycom SoundStructure SR12
SoundStructure VoIP Interface
SoundStructure VoIP Interface
Polycom SoundStructure PSTN Interfaces
SoundStructure VoIP Interface
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