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Orbita is an innovator of connected home healthcare solutions that dramatically increase patient engagement, optimize care coordination, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. Healthcare organizations, device manufacturers and service providers use Orbita’s cloud platform and care journey management solutions to create, deploy and manage secure, connected healthcare applications that combine data from wearables and other connected devices into collaborative care experiences. Orbita’s voice-first solutions enable quick, easy development and management of intelligent voice assistants based on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice platforms.


According to researchers at Gartner, by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse. The firm also indicates seeing more progress in voice technology in the last 30 months than the last 30 years.

Digital voice assistants have the potential to substantially impact the Triple Aim of healthcare. They improve patient satisfaction through more natural and engaging experiences that eliminate the “monitoring” stigma of other connected healthcare solutions. They improve outcomes by ensuring patients are engaged in their care, while providing data-driven insights for optimizing provider and caregiver response in moments of need and intervention. And they reduce costs by keeping patients at home and away from costly clinical care settings.

Additionally, voice assistants meet the unique needs of patients who cannot use mobile, tablet or PC devices.

See video: Powering Voice Assistants for Home Healthcare


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Orbita Voice is the first healthcare-centric solution designed to easily create and manage intelligent, conversational skills for voice-powered assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Healthcare professionals, including clinicians and non-clinicians, can readily use Orbita Voice’s intuitive tools to create interactive voice experiences to survey patients, provide medical education, share reminders about care plan activities, monitor compliance and more. Intelligent, conversational interfaces can bring significant value to patients, providers and caregivers—including family members.

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Orbita Engage is the industry’s first cloud-based platform for connected home healthcare. Designed to optimize patient engagement, this SaaS solution was built from the ground up to enable comprehensive care journey management and collaboration powered by the intelligence and data-driven insights of sensor-embedded solutions such as modern wearables and connected medical and lifestyle devices.

Orbita Engage provides unique user experiences optimized for the needs clinical care coordinators as well as patients and family members who can review and manage care tasks via voice as well as mobile phone and web environments.

  • The Engage Patient Experience includes mobile and Web apps, as well voice assistants for Amazon Echo and Google Home powered by Orbita Voice™, that maximize patient engagement and treatment adherence. Integration of wearables and home health devices in a single, secure environment provides seamless access to patient wellness data at home.
  • With the Engage Caregiver App, family and friend as well as home care agents are empowered with actionable digital care plans, mobile messaging, and the ability to automatically track care tasks, activities and educational content delivery.
  • Healthcare professionals use the Engage Care Coordinator Dashboard to create and manage care journeys across populations of patients. Care coordinators deliver standardized care plans for multiple conditions, and set individualized care goals, tasks, and rules over a specified timeline to align with each patient’s condition and needs – including activities such as daily pain assessment surveys, wellness tasks, or vitals measurements. Rule-based triggers and visualizations enable rapid intervention based on real-time data and insights. Built-in analytics enable tracking of user engagement and response to user input.


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The Digital Technologies Behind the Home Healthcare Revolution

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Through its partnership, Orbita and IVCi enable health care providers and home caregivers to easily connect home care, mobile health, and voice health assistant applications with scalable and secure video collaboration services.

Orbita is integrating its connected healthcare products with IVCi’s solutions to enable video collaboration around data and insights gathered from smart, connected devices such as digital blood pressure monitors, fitness wearables, and voice assistants like the Amazon Echo. The resulting rich video collaboration applications increase patient engagement and adherence, reduce remote care costs, reduce re-admissions, improve outcomes, and drive new revenue opportunities.

Patient care can be reach a new level of quality and efficiency when providers, home caregivers, patients and family members are empowered with real-time video collaboration informed and enhanced by smart, connected devices. When combining the power of Orbita with standards-based platforms such as Cisco Spark and Cisco Contact Center, organizations ranging from small medical practices to the largest providers can cost-effectively deliver exciting, new telehealth, patient engagement and care management experiences designed to improve outcomes and reduce.





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