Operational Intelligence. Business Intelligence. Vyopta vAnalytics™.

    vAnalytics™ is the leading analytics application for video collaboration. This revolutionary technology provides comprehensive, accurate and timely insight into the performance of your video communications investment and the impact it has on your organization.

    Through high level views and analysis and detailed, drill down graphs, vAnalytics™ provides thorough data and analysis of call patterns and trends, endpoint utilization, infrastructure use and capacity, service levels and quality of experience.

    Unlike management or reporting tools, vAnalytics™ collects volumes of raw data from the communications infrastructure, then applies advanced business rules to process the data, presenting relevant information and critical intelligence. This innovative data collection and processing methodology is unique to vAnalytics™, delivering more data, better information, and greater insight into the value of video to your business.

  • Vyopta vAnalytics 2.0 Overview:

    • Detailed usage and capacity analyses facilitate the broad deployment of video, particularly expanding desktop video deployments and insuring reliability for ad hoc calls
    • Operational metrics by device, group or geography support asset allocation, capacity planning and expansion forecasting
    • Accurate inventory of managed endpoints and infrastructure
    • Automatic reporting for any selected time period removes the risk of human error and delay of manual data processing and reporting
    • 360 degree monitoring of the video environment insures readiness and availability of endpoint devices and supporting infrastructure
    • Perpetual data collected and data stored indefinitely enables look-backs to any time period, to pinpoint problem areas and anticipate future constraints
    • Analysis of present load on video communications infrastructure based on demand from scheduled video conferences and historical use patterns
    • Thorough and accurate charge back accounting and billing capabilities
    • Business-related metrics identifying video call volume by group or geography provide insight into the value of video to key departments and the business overall
    • Multi-tenant architecture with secure https, role-based permissions insures scalable, flexible, reliable deployment
    • Easily accessed from any web browser; part of the Vyopta applications platform

Vyopta is the leading developer of business intelligence and process automation applications for video collaboration. Vyopta’s solutions unleash the potential of business video investments, resulting in improved educator and student performance and outcomes, enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales and cost savings, and greater agility in meeting continually changing business demands.

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