Thinklabs One

Thinklabs One

Founded in April 2013, Avizia Inc. was started by former Cisco employees from a highly successful business unit that created technology products and services that serve the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries. What sets Avizia apart is a deep expertise in video collaboration combined with the industry knowledge required to bring transformational solutions to market, leveraging superior product design, ease of use, and the world’s best video technology to create relevant products for education and healthcare customers.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope
The Thinklabs One stethoscope was designed with the future of medicine in mind. For more than a decade, it has been used in telehealth and is known for its easy connectivity and unparalleled sound quality. This elegant stethoscope solution for telemedicine offers high-quality live listening, recording, storing and forwarding of heart and lung sounds for all types of telemedicine applications.


  • Connectivity – With a direct analog audio output, One operates as a simple external microphone with any system. No special software or API is required.
  • Simplicity – One integrates seamlessly with almost any video conferencing system, using the conference audio channel for transmission. Simply use in-band teleconference audio.
  • Superb Sound – One offers the superb audio quality on which Thinklabs has built its reputation.
  • No Subscriptions – One does not require a subscription, so there are no licensing fees or hidden costs.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope Video

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