Cyviz F-Series
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Cyviz F-Series

Cyviz designs and manufactures world-class, premium display walls and systems that elevate the collaborative experience.

For the better part of two decades, through a dedicated, singular focus on perfecting large display technologies, Cyviz has honed their understanding of the sophisticated requirements of organizations across a range of industries and continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are always on the cutting edge.

On these promises, they deliver: Cyviz consistently meets installation deadlines and provides service worldwide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Cyviz F-Series Features
The Cyviz F-Series range combines data-sharing with Collaborative Telepresence in a unique fashion. Adding a stunning display surface with advanced source handling and great ergonomics makes this a decision-making tool of extraordinary quality with these key features:

  • High Performance
    The F-Series range boasts resolutions ranging from 3 to 20 mpx for standard systems, delivered in a bright, crisp and clear picture. The aspect ratios are ideal for collaborative work and designed to facilitate multiple sources.

The governing principle at Cyviz is to strive for simplicity while promoting lossless image transmission from source to the eye, thus eliminating the need for digital manipulation of the signals (warping).

A precise, durable and stable alignment is the foundation for operational excellence. Cyviz has delivered over 600 installations with this rigid and thoroughly tested aluminum rig. They have also engineered a special projector alignment unit (PAU) to the highest mechanical standards, providing 6 degrees of freedom in adjusting the projector. Together, these components deliver excellent stability with little need for maintenance.

  • Image Uniformity
    Cyviz has developed its own, multi-sided digital blending, called xêd. These blending cards are embedded in the projectors and are hardware programmable, so the strengths of the platforms can be fully utilized. The blending algorithm calculates each pixel from each projector in the overlap area and provides optimal blending curves across all channels. The blending technology leverages the intensity transfer characteristics of each projector as well as each projector’s overall impact.
  • Projector Technology
    The xêd.f32 projector is the world’s most powerful single chip DLPTM projector. It features WUxgA resolution, brightness up to 5700 AnSI lumens and 24/7 capabilities. With the new driver in place, flickering associated with single chip DLP is eliminated, making it ideal for large blended displays. Contrast ratio is 7500:1 and noise is 30 db(A).
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