TANDBERG Telepresence T1

TANDBERG Telepresence T1
  • TANDBERG Telepresence T1 is the instant telepresence experience designed for the executive office or high-end collaboration room. Every detail is optimized to give users the highest quality forum for collaboration available. Unparalleled in quality, setting a new industry standard.

    1080p MultiSite now supported on the TANDBERG Telepresence T1

    Further proof of the power of the next generation telepresence engine as the Codec C90 delivers 1080p end-to-end 1080p video, 1080p MultSite and 1080p collaboration!

    What does this really prove?

    The TANDBERG Codec C90 truly is the next generation for visual collaboration. TANDBERG is the only vendor that can provide the clearest, smoothest HD video experience in an end-to-end solution designed specifically for optimal definition up to full 1080p…completely standards-compliant. All components are full 1080p HD from the codec, to the new PrecisionHD 1080p camera to the display on the integrated Telepresence T1. The video quality is optimal definition up to full 1080p throughout as well, with 1080p video encoding and decoding, 1080p HD collaboration and now 1080p embedded MultiSite!.

    Why is this important?

    With the Codec C90 and Telepresence T1, TANDBERG is setting a new standard in natural communication. We are focused on ensuring our customers can communicate easily and clearly for the best experience possible. With both the C90 and T1, we take that experience further than any other vendor so our customers are productive even when they are working across the globe.

  • Ultimate Design for Instant Telepresence

    With optimal camera height, an enormous LCD screen and crystal-clear video, the TANDBERG Telepresence T1 delivers an unparalleled user experience and allows executives to truly see eye-to-eye.

    • Exclusive Scandinavian design
    • Ultimate quality in video and audio — high definition up to 1080p with large 65″ custom LCD screen
    • Revolutionary user experience
    • Excellent eye contact and ideal screen height
    • Appealing, natural user interface
    • UXGA high-definition presentation capabilities
    • 720p30 HD Individual Transcoding embedded Multisite
    • H.323/SIP up to 6 Mbps point-to-point; up to 10 Mbps total MultiSite bandwidth
    • Full Duplex Audio with High Quality Stereo Sound
    • Ideal for smaller telepresence studios, executive offices, high-end conference rooms and the showroom floor
    • Unmatched room and network flexibility—use it where you need it

    TANDBERG Telepresence T1 — Connect to Anyone, Any Time, Any Way

    With the TANDBERG Telepresence T1, telepresence no longer limits who you can talk to and how. The boundaries of dissimilar networks, multi-vendor systems, inconsistent quality and functional complexity are eliminated so that colleagues, customers and partners can communicate with total ease. Standards-compliant technology makes it all happen.

    IVCi is a TANDBERG Platinum Reseller and Certified Managed Service Provider. We are one of only a handful of companies nationwide that has been recognized with this dual distinction for our superior service and support of TANDBERG’s integrated video conferencing solutions. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support TANDBERG projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire TANDBERG product line.

  • TANDBERG Telepresence T1 Key Features

    • Crystal-clear video up to 1080p
    • One 65″ custom LCD screen
    • Immersive Room Package includes table, personal touch collaboration screen and lighting
    • UXGA high-definition presentation capabilities
    • Standards compliant technology
    • Powered by the ultimate telepresence engine, the TANDBERG Codec C90

    TANDBERG Telepresence T1 allows your customers to walk into an executive conference room and conduct meetings as if everyone were in the same room. It’s that easy. With true-to-life, 1080p quality and optimal detail to enable collaboration, they won’t miss a thing…all without ever leaving the office or executive conference room.

This Product is Now Replaced With
Cisco TelePresence TX1310 65

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TANDBERG offered video endpoints that fit different life and workstyles. From telepresence for the senior executive to a video IP phone for a frontline employee, TANDBERG had the broadest range of solutions in the industry. As important, TANDBERG firmly believed in a standards-based approach.

TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco in April of 2010. All TANDBERG products and solutions are now part of the Cisco Collaboration Portfolio.

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