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    Transform the ordinary desk to an extraordinary personal telepresence and collaboration space with the TANDBERG EX90. The intuitive TANDBERG inTouch interface, flexible collaboration tools and absolute quality make connecting and collaborating simple and natural.

    Telepresence to the desktop

    Personal telepresence is the next generation of telepresence systems that brings the rich collaboration technology of immersive systems desktop. The TANDBERG EX90 captures the natural telepresence experience, once only available in larger room based systems, with absolute quality 1080p video, a simple intuitive inTouch interface and unprecedented collaboration capabilities.

    The TANDBERG EX90 goes beyond superior audio and video — it’s about what it enables you to do. It’s a versatile collaboration and productivity tool that makes information more accessible, accelerates decisions and increases efficiency. The TANDBERG inTouch controller provides the same ease of use and control of the T3 and T1 interface, allowing users to place calls, share presentations, add participants and seamlessly manage work flow, all with the glide of the finger.

    “Telepresence attempts to closely reproduce the valued characteristics of a face-to-face meeting, or other similar form of direct human interaction.”

    -Frost & Sullivan
    2009 Global Telepresence Market Report

  • A simple turn of the 1080p Precision HD camera allows users to easily share documents and objects. And with the ability to add additional monitors, multimedia devices and other peripherals, the EX90 creates a customized telepresence experience to meet the needs of the individual user.

    • TANDBERG inTouch: Managing meetings and sharing content is simple and intuitive. Quickly connect and collaborate by scrolling through your contacts to manage every aspect of your EX90 telepresence experience.
    • PrecisionHD™ camera: The PrecisionHD camera creates the highest possible quality telepresence experience to the desktop. With 1080p resolution, and the optimized field of view of the optical zoom, every detail of the telepresence experience is enhanced.
    • HD MultiSite™: Collaborate instantly with the integrated MultiSite capability. Using the inTouch interface, meeting attendees can be instantly pulled in and out of meetings with the touch of a finger to maximize the productivity of any conference.
    • Dual Display Capability: Expand the collaboration potential of the EX90 with the flexibility to add additional displays.
  • True telepresence performance

    The TANDBERG EX90 revolutionizes personal telepresence…the first with absolute quality 1080p30 video, the easy-to-use inTouch interface and unmatched collaboration. See every corner of your business, from your desk. The sleek, modern style complements any office. Streamline your desk and your communication with one PC screen, video and phone design.

    By extending telepresence to the desktop, everyone is within reach instantly…no reservations necessary. Some of the distinguishing features of the EX90 are:

    • Absolute quality with no compromises: amazing face-to-face from your desk with vivid, lifelike 1080p30 resolution on a large 24” HD screen.
    • TANDBERG inTouch: the 8” interface is simple to use – just a glide of the finger to make and manage calls, similar to the T3 and T1.
    • Natural collaboration: collaborate as if you’re in the same room… moving seamlessly between sharing a presentation, CAD Drawing, prototype or even a sketch. Flip the camera and it becomes an instant HD document camera. Even add a second screen that can be dedicated to content.
    Overhead view of TANDBERG EX90 desktop telepresence system.
    Overhead view of TANDBERG EX90 desktop telepresence system

    Explore new possibilities in collaboration

    The TANDBERG EX90 goes beyond the concept of telepresence — it’s a total collaboration device. The question isn’t a matter of what the EX90 can do, but what do you want to do? For the executive, the EX90 enables immediate presence with customers, partners, colleagues and employees. The signature inTouch interface, 1080p video and high quality stereo audio combine to create a sleek solution designed to streamline and enhance desktop communications. Important decisions require face to face conversation. The experience of the EX90 leaves nothing to chance.

    For the designer, analyst, developer or anyone that needs to share data, documents or multimedia files, the EX90 is the ultimate collaboration tool. With high definition video and the ability to share content at 1080p/ WUXGA, images are razor sharp. The dual display capability extends video real estate to a second screen. With the rotating PrecisionHD camera, sharing documents and physical content on the desktop is simply a matter of changing the camera position. For a truly customized collaboration experience, additional peripherals, cameras and multimedia devices can be added to the EX90, creating a tool tailored the specific needs of the users.

    No matter what your role, the EX90 will instantly become an integral part of daily operations, helping to make decisions even faster, information even more accessible and users even more efficient. Data and imagery can be shared instantly, right from where the work is getting done. And because it is telepresence quality, collaboration is rich and robust and users are able to accomplish far more than an audio conference, or even traditional video conferencing.

    The TANDBERG EX90 is not just the most versatile, feature rich, 1080p desktop telepresence system available, it is the only one to offer a complete collaboration solution. Visit www.tandberg.com to learn more about the EX90, and see how it can not only transform your desktop, but transform the way you do business.

    Call 1-800-224-7083 for pricing and additional information.

    IVCi is a TANDBERG Platinum Reseller and Certified Managed Service Provider. We are one of only a handful of companies nationwide that has been recognized with this dual distinction for our superior service and support of TANDBERG’s integrated video conferencing solutions. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support TANDBERG projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire TANDBERG product line.

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TANDBERG offered video endpoints that fit different life and workstyles. From telepresence for the senior executive to a video IP phone for a frontline employee, TANDBERG had the broadest range of solutions in the industry. As important, TANDBERG firmly believed in a standards-based approach.

TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco in April of 2010. All TANDBERG products and solutions are now part of the Cisco Collaboration Portfolio.

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