SMART Podium™ Interactive Pen Display

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SMART Podium™ Interactive Pen Display
  • Whether you’re presenting to a group in a large meeting room or collaborating with colleagues from their home offices, the SMART Podium display makes the experience interactive and engaging. You can interact with digital content and write on the pen display’s surface while projecting the content onto a large screen or SMART Board® interactive display.

    Premium interaction

    SMART Podium interactive pen displays make interacting with content smooth and natural. There is no lag and the touch experience is as precise as it is intuitive. This richly interactive experience, combined with stunning visuals, turns any meeting into a fully immersive experience.

    Active remote participation

    Remote staff, such as those in a home office, become active participants when the interactive pen display is combined with a distance conferencing solution. The SMART Podium provides an accurate writing experience, enabling users to write notes over files in digital ink, view remote screens and add their own contributions to the meeting or presentation – everyone can see and participate

    Dynamic presentations

    With SMART Podium, you can control presentation material while facing your audience, so you can focus on keeping people engaged. You can work from anywhere in the room and display content on your SMART Board interactive display or a large screen. Enhanced integration with Microsoft PowerPoint presenter view allows you to see and control your speaking notes while only showing the presentation slides to your audience.

  • 518

    Active screen size: 18.5″ (47 cm) diagonal

    Aspect ratio: 16:9

    Resolution: 720p

    Dimensions: 18 3/8″ W × 13″ H × 3″ D (46.7 × 33.0 × 7.6 cm)

    Weight (with stand): 12 lb. (5.4 kg)

    Available as an appliance-based model: No


    Active screen size: 24″ (61 cm) diagonal

    Aspect ratio: 16:9

    Resolution: 1080p

    Dimensions: 23 5/16″ W × 15 13/16″ H × 3″ (59.3 × 40.1 × 7.6 cm)

    Weight (with stand): 19 lb. (8.6 kg)

    Available as an appliance-based model: No

  • Elegant, user-friendly design

    The sleek profile and slim bezel complement any workspace. You can conveniently control your computer from SMART Podium and comfortably write over any application with the battery-free tethered pen. And the smooth tilt stand allows you to adjust the position of the display, so it’s easier for you to make notes.

    Illuminated console buttons

    Access the right-click button, select pen colors and the eraser, or launch the On-Screen Keyboard, Screen Capture tool or SMART Meeting Pro software. The buttons are illuminated for use in dimly lit rooms. They are also preconfigured but can be programmed to suit the shortcuts you use most.

    SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 software (included)

    This productivity and collaboration software enables you to collaborate in the 4th dimension by working in the Unbound Workspace to create, share and interact with content.

    SMART GoWire auto-launch cable accessory (included)

    GoWire enables any computer to be quickly connected to the display and access SMART Meeting Pro PE (Personal Edition) software.

    Integration with Microsoft PowerPoint presenter view

    Maintain a private view of your presentation material, including all slides and speaking notes, while controlling what your audience sees on the screen, or interactive whiteboard or flat panel. Use the controls on SMART Podium to switch ink colors, move back and forth between slides and write speaking notes as you present.

    HDCP compliant

    SMART Podium is high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) compliant, which ensures that HDCP-encrypted content can be displayed.

SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience. SMART delivers an integrated solution of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.

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