SMART amp™ Collaborative Learning Software
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SMART amp™ Collaborative Learning Software
  • As mobile devices become increasingly popular in classrooms around the world, educators are looking for ways to overcome some of the challenges these technologies present to unlock their true potential.

    Created with the input of teachers from around the world, SMART amp is designed for the pedagogical needs of today’s classrooms. It provides a way to connect mobile devices without the need to install, update or maintain a variety of applications across different hardware and software platforms. This powerful cloud-based software allows you to unleash the power of collaboration and inspire amazing in your classroom.

    True collaboration

    Collaboration on mobile devices should be about more than just screen sharing. SMART amp enables students and teachers to work together in real time to solve problems and understand concepts in huge shared workspaces, easily building on existing ideas and creating new thinking.

    An open forum for content

    Explore and build content without switching between applications. The collaborative workspace serves as a platform where students can gather, create and consume content while easily sharing it across devices. Leverage existing SMART Notebook software files or content from other leading educational publishers.

    Formative assessment

    Gauge student progress exactly when you need to with embedded formative assessment tools. It’s easy to get an accurate picture of how well students are following lesson material and adjust instruction accordingly, without interrupting the lesson activity.

    Easy to integrate

    Built on the Google platform, SMART amp doesn’t require you to remember yet another password or spend time transferring files. Sign on with your Google ID, store your files in Google Drive and spend your time focusing on learning, not administration.

    Classroom management

    Switch effortlessly between whole class, small group and individual learning with easy file sharing and student grouping for project-based exercises. You can control who can edit a document, have the class follow along with a lesson or show examples of great student work on the fly.

  • Cloud based software

    Any modern web browser will run SMART amp.

    Single Sign On

    Integration with your LDAP is provided by Google apps for Education.

    Class Dashboards

    • Easy to access dashboard of activities for each class.
    • Dashboards include class roster information with the ability to turn a session into a persistent class, past assessment results and access to manage and share all files saved to your Google Drive.

    Collaborative Workspaces

    Features of the Collaborative Workspace:

    • Large canvas
    • Workspace auto-save
    • Radar Overview
    • Text tool
    • Shapes/lines
    • Insert web link
    • Insert image
    • Insert Question set
    • Insert Notebook document
    • SMART Exchange Gallery Search

    Group work

    • Automatically group students to complete projects in Workspaces.
    • Set the number of groups and push the teacher’s workspace out to the teams.
    • Facilitate small group student collaboration in the same document, simplifying the flow to and from whole class to small group learning.

SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience. SMART delivers an integrated solution of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.

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