GlobalMed Video Colposcope

GlobalMed Video Colposcope
  • Digital Video Colposcope | Digital Colposcope

    GlobalMed’s true digital Video Colposcope combines superior light and high-resolution video to provide full screen images in a compact design.

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    • In order to see a truer tissue color, the digital colposcope’s light source generates 50% whiter and brighter light than halogen.
    • The unique polarization filter removes glare from video images for better visibility.
    • Offers a unique opportunity for clinical screening and treatment education due to the added option of simultaneous video viewing for you and your patient.
  • Video Colposcope Features

    • High-resolution LCD monitor.
    • 4.5x to 30x magnification range at the push of a button.
    • Compact design with ambidextrous controls.
    • Electronic green filter removes red from image with no light loss.
    • Sony UP-20 video printer is a high-resolution video printer designed for medical applications.

    Important diagnostic tool for:

    • Cervical colposcopy.
    • High-resolution anoscopy.
    • Sexual assault and abuse cases.

GlobalMed is a privately held telemedicine company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the leader of telemedicine companies in telehealth hardware and software R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and support. Their team of telemedicine software developers and engineers work closely with scientific and medical professionals—from concept to application—to understand and translate unmet needs into next-generation integrated telemedicine tools that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. GlobalMed’s award-winning patented new medical technologies and unique intellectual properties culminate in solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and that create an ecosystem of connected health.

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