GlobalMed TotalENT™

GlobalMed TotalENT™
  • Video Otoscopes | Mobile Medical Devices

    The GlobalMed TotalENT™ is an illumination device with a fiber-optic light cable and camera for use with a number of different scopes, including but not limited to an otoscope, laryngoscope, and nasolaryngoscope.

  • Offering you clear, live and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, our otoscopes are valuable tools for providers. The images they provide can help educate patients for increased compliance. The digital design simplifies the store-and-forward process for consultation while providing the ability to save the images to patient records. GlobalMed offers a choice of two otoscopes, depending on your needs and those of your patients.



    • The TotalENT provides superior flexibility for the user with the ability to use a variety of scopes.
    • When used in conjunction with CapSure® Software, a clinician can compare images over a period of time.
    • Because it produces digital video, it can be used for live consultations with specialists worldwide.
  • TotalENT™ Features

    • 24-watt Xenon light source.
    • Standard five-foot fiber-optic cable.
    • Optional ten-foot fiber-optic cable.
    • Rapid white balance adjustment.
    • S-Video or BNC output.
    • Interchangeable scopes.

GlobalMed is a privately held telemedicine company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the leader of telemedicine companies in telehealth hardware and software R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and support. Their team of telemedicine software developers and engineers work closely with scientific and medical professionals—from concept to application—to understand and translate unmet needs into next-generation integrated telemedicine tools that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. GlobalMed’s award-winning patented new medical technologies and unique intellectual properties culminate in solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and that create an ecosystem of connected health.

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