GlobalMed StethOne Telephonic Stethoscope

GlobalMed StethOne Telephonic Stethoscope
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    The GlobalMed StethOne Telephonic Stethoscope is a complete auscultation kit for videoconferencing. Transmit and receive heart and lung sounds through broadband connections or through most Polycom® and TANDBERG videoconferencing systems. This easy to operate stethoscope will help you extend your reach by monitoring patients remotely.

    • With the StethOne, the same Bell/Diaphragm function and volume control are available at the patient as well as at the receive ends of the connection since each unit enables local control. Additionally, the same module can be used as a transmit or receive unit. Save time and money with the convenience of StethOne’s all-in-one design.
    • Hear all pulmonary sounds with the widest auscultation bandwidth of 20 Hz – 1,400 Hz at a low data bandwidth of just 19.2 Kb/s.
    • Using StethOne’s B/D switch in the Bell position, capturing cardiac sounds is made easier with automatic low frequency boost.
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    StethOne™ Telephonic Stethoscope Features

    • Widest auscultation bandwidth (20 Hz to 1400 Hz).
    • Low data bandwidth (19.2 Kb/s).
    • Use same module to transmit or receive sounds.
    • Bell/Diaphragm switch.
    • Bell position has bandwidth of 20 Hz to 250 Hz with enhanced low frequencies (cardiac).
    • Diaphragm position extends high frequencies to 1400 Hz (pulmonary).
    • Small size (2.6”W x 4.3”D x 0.9”H).
    • High speed Broadband connection or most Polycom® or TANDBERG systems.

GlobalMed is a privately held telemedicine company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the leader of telemedicine companies in telehealth hardware and software R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and support. Their team of telemedicine software developers and engineers work closely with scientific and medical professionals—from concept to application—to understand and translate unmet needs into next-generation integrated telemedicine tools that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. GlobalMed’s award-winning patented new medical technologies and unique intellectual properties culminate in solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and that create an ecosystem of connected health.

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