GlobalMed i8500 Teleaudiology Station

GlobalMed i8500 Teleaudiology Station
  • Teleaudiology Cart | Mobile Medical Carts

    GlobalMed offers an all-in-one telemedicine station for remote audiology assessment, using the technology of four industry standard testing devices and the cart design for remote video conferencing. This equipment opens up the opportunity for audiology specialists to expand their practice into satellite clinics. When patients live too far away for an in-person visit, the teleaudiology cart assists in providing convenient care while reducing patient or specialist travel.

  • Convenient Remote Audiology Testing

    Combining the technology of four industry standard audiology testing devices, GlobalMed offers an all-in-one telemedicine station for remote assessment. Checking a patient’s hearing and tuning their hearing aid, plus the addition of video conferencing with patients who live too far away for a convenient office visit assists in providing audiology care while reducing patient and/or specialist travel.

    The MADSEN Astera combines the best of traditional, stand-alone audiometers and the newer PC-based systems. The AURICAL Plus offers quick and accurate hearing aid measurements. The HI-PRO USB is a universal programming interface. The MADSEN OTOflex 100 provides pinpoint accuracy in screening/threshold/decay and Eustachian tube testing. And, all of these devices are connected to the OTOsuite software.

  • i8500 Teleaudiology Station Features

    • Patients are more likely to keep their appointments when the office is in their community. The teleaudiology station achieves this even when a patient lives in a remote location by linking the patient to a specialist via video-conference when the teleaudiology cart is located at a site close to where the patient lives.
    • Meet all the audiology patient’s needs from testing to fitting in an all-in-one solution with integrated video conferencing.
    • The station’s dual monitors provide for constant video conferencing between the physician and remotely-located patient on one monitor while the other one displays for the technician a large and clear view of the system software during the entire exam.

GlobalMed is a privately held telemedicine company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the leader of telemedicine companies in telehealth hardware and software R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and support. Their team of telemedicine software developers and engineers work closely with scientific and medical professionals—from concept to application—to understand and translate unmet needs into next-generation integrated telemedicine tools that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. GlobalMed’s award-winning patented new medical technologies and unique intellectual properties culminate in solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and that create an ecosystem of connected health.

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