GlobalMed ClearProbe Ultrasound

GlobalMed ClearProbe Ultrasound
  • Portable Ultrasound Machine | USB Ultrasound Probe

    With a selection of imaging probes and intuitive software, the GlobalMed ClearProbe Ultrasound turns every computer in your facility into an ultrasound imaging system. At a fraction of the cost of other portable ultrasound devices, the ClearProbe is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of medical fields.
    • ClearProbe provides outstanding image quality with 256 shades of gray.
    • ClearProbe is highly reliable and durable and is designed to be impervious to dust and dirt. It carries a one-year warranty.
    • Easily save, store and print images with measurements, calculations, annotations, cinéloop and zoom with the help of the ClearProbe’s autoscan mode.
    • Simplicity of the USB design enables use anywhere a PC is available

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  • ClearProbe Ultrasound Features

    • Ultrasound Probe plugs into USB ports of laptops, notebooks and desktop PCs.
    • Compatible with WindowsXP, Vista or Mac running Windows.
    • Measurement and calculation includes distance, area, bladder and prostate volume, annotation and OB calculations.
    • Recognized as one of the top ten innovations by the International Academy of Science.
    • Portable abdominal USB probes for bladder, aorta, liver, kidney, gall bladder and OB scans.
    • Endocavity USB probes for transrectal and transvaginal scans.
    • Portable peripheral imaging probes for vascular access, nerve blocks, testes, intraoperative and musculo-skeletal scans.
    • Other USB ultrasound probes available with MegaHZ abilities from 3.5 to 2

GlobalMed is a privately held telemedicine company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the leader of telemedicine companies in telehealth hardware and software R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and support. Their team of telemedicine software developers and engineers work closely with scientific and medical professionals—from concept to application—to understand and translate unmet needs into next-generation integrated telemedicine tools that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. GlobalMed’s award-winning patented new medical technologies and unique intellectual properties culminate in solutions that exceed even the most challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and that create an ecosystem of connected health.

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