Cyviz Display Control Platform V5
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Cyviz Display Control Platform V5

Cyviz designs and manufactures world-class, premium display walls and systems that elevate the collaborative experience.

For the better part of two decades, through a dedicated, singular focus on perfecting large display technologies, Cyviz has honed their understanding of the sophisticated requirements of organizations across a range of industries and continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are always on the cutting edge.

On these promises, they deliver: Cyviz consistently meets installation deadlines and provides service worldwide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Cyviz Display Control Platform V5 Features
The Cyviz Display Control Platform V5 is an upgradeable control system. The low cost of upgrading allows customers to provide their users with a consistent experience across all rooms and over time.

V5 sets a new standard for function-rich, ease-of-use collaboration. The intuitive and touch-centric user interface enables all users to operate a Cyviz room. The browser-based Display Control WebClient lets multiple users simultaneously operate Cyviz rooms from their own devices. Seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory® gives users a personalized experience, making it even more rewarding to operate this system.

V5 is designed to reduce time and resources spent identifying the causes of system faults. It includes a browser-based tool that gives support operators two-way communication with Cyviz Display Controllers. The access-controlled diagnostic tool offers full entry to all parts of the control system. Communicating directly with specific devices, the team of support operators can perform debugging efforts using a service camera for visual inspection and scrutinize detailed control system logs for exceptions.

V5 watches all of your Cyviz systems; critical components are monitored to verify that systems are ready for use. When they aren’t, the Control Server notifies operators to correct the fault before it causes a problem. With advanced monitoring for preventive maintenance, Cyviz systems offer market-leading “up-time” and stability.

V5 offers a centralized, web-based server for Cyviz system management. With critical information automatically collected, the Control Server provides an overview of systems, technical equipment, software versions, backups of configuration files, geographic locations and system importance. Support for monitoring over SNMP makes the Cyviz Display Controller compatible with industry-leading management software tools.

V5 gives help desk staff everything they need to support users of Cyviz systems. A complete portfolio of remote support capabilities has eliminated the need to be on-site to help in difficult situations. As both user and support operator can see what is happening on the control system, miscommunication is minimized and the traditional split between support and training is eliminated. With V5, helping and training users now costs only a fraction of what it would compared to traditional tools and methods.

Through V5, IT and support managers can measure the impact Cyviz systems are having on the organization. Graphically represented statistical data—for usage levels, utilization patterns, penetration of video conferencing, power consumption and more—enables managers to identify issues and allocate resources to improve the use and perception of Cyviz rooms. The Cyviz Display Controller can be configured to ask users for feedback, which can be compared with the integrated Service Journal to analyze if your support and service effort have the desired effect.


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