Cyviz C1
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Cyviz C1
  • A complete multipurpose collaboration facility

    The Cyviz C1 combines data-sharing with telepresence in a fashion that is quite unique. Adding a stunning display surface with advanced source handling and ergonomics makes this a decision-making tool that is extraordinary.

    The Cyviz C1 Value Proposition

    The Cyviz C1 is the only standardized collaboration facility in the market today. It combines an amazing image quality and unique aspect ratio with multiple source handling, telepresence capabilities and data sharing. The ease of use enables your organization to fully take advantage of the possibilities, and several clients have rolled it out globally for everything from basic presentations to advanced collaboration across regions.

    • Unrivalled user interface makes this your most popular meeting room.
    • Combine data sharing with the telepresence experience.
    • Bring up any content in native resolution on the 4.2 mpx display.
    • Intelligent design interweaving with ergonomics and technology.
    • Custom made for collaborative work and decision making.
  • System Architecture

    The C1 is engineered to facilitate work from a single desktop in 4.2 mpx resolution as well as to combine data sharing and video conferencing in the best way possible. Six sources are connected to the main screen, and five of them can be displayed simultaneously. With the benefits of standardization also comes some limitations in terms of inputs, and this is a fixed setup for the C1. However, the configuration is based on thorough user research which suggests that these capabilities will match or exceed most requirements.

  • The Cyviz C1 Environment and Ergonomics

    With the Cyviz C1 technology, work environment and ergonomics come together in one seamless solution. The interaction between the professionals and the technology has been thoroughly studied to create a work environment that is both pleasant and efficient. Everything from font-readability, light reflections, view angles for all participants, video camera placement, sound quality and work dynamics has been thoroughly tested.

    • Space efficient solution
    • Optimal view angles
    • Easy display management
    • Environment enhance work-dynamics
    • Excellent readability
    • Low noise and heat
    • Executive look and feel

    The Cyviz C1 is created with a focus on task — not technology. This is ‘ease-of-use’ redefined. The Cyviz Display Controller is specifically made for the Cyviz C1 and replaces all other controls for sources connected to the display.

    4.2 megapixels makes it possible to bring up any relevant source in native resolution and display it as a crisp, clear image with high brightness. Standardization and high-end mechanical engineering ensures stability over time.

    The Cyviz video processor is the brains behind the action. The Cyviz rack is predefined and also contains a Cisco Codec C90, amplifier, DVD player and control PC. All standard with the Cyviz C1 solution.

Cyviz designs and manufactures world-class, premium display walls and systems that elevate the collaborative experience.

For the better part of two decades, through a dedicated, singular focus on perfecting large display technologies, Cyviz has honed their understanding of the sophisticated requirements of organizations across a range of industries and continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are always on the cutting edge.

On these promises, they deliver: Cyviz consistently meets installation deadlines and provides service worldwide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

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