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Acano Manager
  • Acano Manager is a single point of management for enterprise and Service Provider collaboration infrastructure. One integrated platform with a single user interface brings together proactive call management, self-service scheduling, Acano Solution and Cisco/Polycom MCU management, and multi-tenancy and billing. Pay for only the modules you need. Add capabilities as you develop your collaboration network.

  • In addition to managing the Acano Solution, other MCUs may be managed from a single page. Operators have visibility into resources and can manage:

    • Cisco MCU 4200
    • Cisco MCU 4500
    • Cisco MCU 8510
    • Polycom RMX
  • Self Service Scheduling

    Call participants have self-service scheduling options, making it faster for them to set up meetings and enabling operators to focus on active calls and performance metrics. If an operator is needed pre-call, Acano Manager automates notifications, such as when meetings are booked or cancelled.

    High Volume Call Monitoring

    Operators can monitor a higher volume of calls using Acano Manager’s one-page call dashboard. Operators have control over call functions like connect and mute. They can also monitor issues like network overloads that impact quality, faulty equipment, breakdowns and other incidences. By having information about specific events, operators can address problems before they escalate.

    Single Point of Management

    Call data record filters and reporting give administrators insights into the usage and adoption of video. Management of the Acano Server and Polycom and Cisco MCUs enable an administrator to maximize their infrastructure use. Multi-tenancy and billing capabilities streamline a Service Provider’s job. And the resiliency option lets everyone get a good night’s sleep.

    Integration in a Single Platform with One User Interface

    What sets Acano Manager apart:

    • Single point of management with one user interface
    • Integration of scheduling, managing, reporting, billing and multi-tenancy, and multiple MCU support in one solution
    • Single page dashboard with alerts to proactively monitor calls
    • Self-service scheduling, including from Microsoft Outlook, for call participants
    • Robust multi-tenancy and billing module, ideal for Service Providers.

    Acano Manager is a robust tool for high performing collaboration networks.

Acano accelerates ideas. We believe that human progress is fueled by the exchange of ideas and that everyone should be invited to join.

We bring together previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies in coSpacesTM – virtual meeting rooms only radically better. People share their ideas using any device they want and technology fades into the background. The result? The right people connect at the right time, from wherever their creativity thrives.

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