3M™ Littman® Model 3200 Stethoscope

3M™ Littman® Model 3200 Stethoscope

Founded in April 2013, Avizia Inc. was started by former Cisco employees from a highly successful business unit that created technology products and services that serve the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries. What sets Avizia apart is a deep expertise in video collaboration combined with the industry knowledge required to bring transformational solutions to market, leveraging superior product design, ease of use, and the world’s best video technology to create relevant products for education and healthcare customers.

3M™ Littman® Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

Enhance your ability to hear patient sounds locally, as well as transmit sounds remotely. The Model 3200 electronic stethoscope combines ambient noise reduction technology and frictional noise dampening features with amplification, Bluetooth® technology, and an all-new user interface. Visualize patient heart sounds as a phonocardiogram via 3M™ Littmann® TeleSteth™ System (sold separately).


  • Built-in LCD for a simplified user experience
  • Bluetooth® adaptor included (not compatible with Apple devices)
  • Records and saves up to 12, 30-second patient soundtracks
  • Eliminates 85% (on average) of ambient noise
  • Amplifies sounds up to 24x

Littmann 3200 Video

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