IVCi, a global leader in innovative collaboration solutions, consultation, and services, announced today that Dawn Cagliano has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Over the last 26 years, IVCi has made significant strides in the AV/VC industry, growing into an international and nation-wide deployment company that has continuously provided top quality service and customer support. Thanks to our employees across the United States, we have been able to achieve our various successes and grown into the AV provider we are today. We look forward to what IVCi will bring to the future of the AV/VC industry thanks to the leadership of our new Chief Operating Officer, Dawn Cagliano.

As her 15-year anniversary with IVCi comes around the corner in October, we are thrilled that Ms. Cagliano will be taking the next step in her career with IVCi. Ms. Cagliano has shown nothing but success and leadership throughout her tenure at IVCi, beginning in 2006 as a Conference Producer within the Managed Services division. From there she quickly trailblazed her way up the ladder, taking on several management positions including: Project Manager, Director of Managed Services, AVP of Client Services, VP of Business Operations, and her most recent position, Senior Vice President of Operations.

“We are thrilled and immensely proud to announce the promotion of Dawn Cagliano to Chief Operating Officer,” stated Bob Swing, IVCi’s Chief Executive Officer. “In her last 15 years with IVCi she has elevated the business in nearly every operational position, making her the perfect leader for her department. Dawn is a true professional when it comes to her craft, and she has proven she is an excellent leader who works hard to move the business forward and encourage the growth of her staff. We are incredibly fortunate to have her here at IVCi. I’m very proud of her growth and to have her as IVCi’s new COO”.

As we all experienced, the coronavirus pandemic hit a lot of people hard, both personally and professionally. During that time Ms. Cagliano stepped up and exceeded expectations and ensured that IVCi did not miss a step as projects came to a halt. Rather than wait, she began implementing safety processes and protocols to ensure that our clients were able to complete projects in a timely manner so they may continue business during the pandemic. Her expertise in operational excellence helped stage IVCi for success so that we were able to continue business for our clients. Ms. Cagliano’s leadership carried IVCi, and our successes over the last two years are directly impacted by her capabilities and contributions.

Throughout her career Ms. Cagliano has consistently brought new ideas and kicked off fresh initiatives that only strengthened IVCi as a business. She established data-driven, proven successful outcomes and increased accountability through the implementation of 360-degree project feedback at every interaction both internally and externally, ensuring everyone involved in customer experience had a voice. Working with IVCi’s Bid team, she helped to create a separate implementations division targeted at ensuring the successful outcome of complex and large-scale projects. She also revolutionized relationships with vendors and subcontractors based on successful project outcomes ensuring that these partners are representative of IVCi and the standards we bring to the customer’s AV experience.

“For the past 15 years I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented individuals in this industry, delivering solutions to our clients that have made us proud,” states Ms. Cagliano, “We have led the way in providing the best service that goes above and beyond expectations for our customers, and we will continue to set the bar higher. Our clients have been an integral part of moving IVCi forward, and we will continue providing nothing but the best in quality client service. I am honored to serve as our COO and represent IVCi as a valued solutions provider and partner.”

Ms. Cagliano has enhanced the operational aspects of every department throughout her time at IVCi, focusing on the overall success of the business. Her leadership, skills, and forward-thinking mindset are exceptional, and she has proven to be a valuable leader at IVCi.

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