HAUPPAUGE, NY – June 13, 2022 – IVCi, a global leader in audio visual integration and support services, announced today that Dave Ferlino has joined the team as IVCi’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

As a forward-thinking professional, Dave has over 25 years of AV experience across the board, focusing on building relationships and operational excellence that develops results. Dave has achieved a variety of incredible accomplishments throughout his extensive career in the AV industry, such as being elected to NSCA Board of Directors in 2007, elected President of Vistacom, contributing to the growth and success of Whitlock’s Northeast Region and learning experiences from NSCA & BLC.

In the early stages of his career, Dave most notably built his career with Vistacom as President for 27 years. In this role he successfully initiated strategic planning sessions, identifying key initiatives for creating a healthy and profitable company culture focused on results. He also implemented an Ambassador Program that reached out and engaged clients, employees and vendors to help foster relationship-building resulting in positive employee morale and clear goals. Along with these achievements, Dave also created a Communication Initiative that improved employee engagement, process improvement, and a better client experience that led to overall elevated and positive company culture that resulted in improved profitability.

With his history at Vistacom and Whitlock, Dave brings with him an abundance of industry knowledge that allowed him to develop, refine, and implemented operational industry best practices and standards, enabling consistency and scalability. He also unified operational departments through communication protocols that resulted in a better employee and client experience, and he looks forward to bringing that experience to IVCi.

“I am humbled and elated for this great opportunity to join an awesome IVCi team, and I look forward to build and maintain strategic partnerships for all IVCi stakeholders to increase business value for all,” said Mr. Ferlino.

In his new role with IVCi, Dave will be responsible for developing and executing strategies to build strong productive relationships to strengthen business value with manufacturer partners, customers and all IVCI stakeholders.

Dave graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Penn State University.

About IVCi
IVCi is a nationwide integrator that creates, builds and supports collaborative environments for people who want to lead, teams that want to connect and companies that want to evolve. This is accomplished by utilizing the very latest audio visual, unified communication and “as a service” products available. Our solutions provide the functionality, aesthetic and value that can only be achieved through best-in-class service, second-to-none expertise and a one-of-a-kind adoption and utilization program.

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