Whether you are in healthcare, higher education, government, or finance, you and your teammates deserve a hassle-free way to meet regardless of your industry. When the stress of AV technology is taken care of, your team has more time to create and discuss what matters most: driving your mission and purpose.

Effective AV utilization starts with thoughtful, strategic planning. Assessing your organization’s needs is critical, especially amid rapid change. So, how exactly can you plan for the unexpected?

Step One: Don’t Panic

Developing AV Strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Starting the process can be as easy as making a one-sentence goal listing what you hope to achieve. Then, go from there! Develop a realistic plan to help give you and your team a clear vision of where you are and where you want to go.

Step Two: Evaluate the Basics

Once you’ve established your ideal vision and goal, assess where you currently are. It can be as easy as making a quick 5-minute list of the essentials: what basics do you need to complete your work efficiently and effectively? Establishing your needs against your organization’s capacity will help provide incredible insights into the type of tools and equipment that will best serve your collaborative space.

Step Three: Get Creative

Now that you’ve created a list of the basics you need, make a shortlist of what you wish you had. This wish list could be material: specific AV equipment you wish to integrate into your organization. Or it could be operational or strategic: what kinds of organizational practices would you like to implement? This step might take some additional thought and time, but putting effort into creating your “ideal” workflow will help you and your teammates address any current issues and will lay the framework for solid team expectations.

Step Four: Gather Feedback

While working in a team of many parts, gathering feedback regarding user operations is critical. Each team member experiences a unique user journey, possessing intimate knowledge about which practices and procedures work best for them and their teammates. Asking for their advice and opinion not only helps you assess your overall organizational needs, but also gives your team a sense of ownership. When they are involved in reinvigorating their own audio and visual experience, they become more invested in the company journey. Their voices are critical to a holistic strategic plan.

It cannot be stated enough—strategy does not have to be complicated. It can be as big or small as you need and customized to fit your specific goals. A few simple steps can put you and your organization on a path toward success.

But, if this still seems like a lot to digest, see Step One: Don’t Panic. Or… reach out to IVCi. We are an industry-leading AV company providing innovative solutions that help you see your ideal vision come to life. To set up a strategy session, contact us today!

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