Higher education continues to evolve, even two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rapid changes in classroom AV technology needs have led many colleges and universities to reevaluate how they connect with their students, staff, and communities.

As more institutions return to in-person learning, digital signage will prove essential in establishing a new campus environment with technology at the forefront. Let’s explore a few of the benefits of digital signing in classrooms and common areas.


Using digital signage in classrooms and common areas gives students an additional layer of engagement in their academic life. Large format screens can help establish awareness for various campus events, announcements, or extracurricular activities. Extracurriculars help foster a sense of “belonging” for students. Giving students reminders of all the available benefits allows universities to create a better feeling of community within their campus culture.


Digital signage creates a safe, touch-free way to engage with different forms of media. In the era of the pandemic, health and safety are paramount for in-person connecting. Digital displays allow university students, faculty, and staff to display information from anywhere without installing posters or handing out informational flyers.

Expanding Education

In the classroom, digital signs and screens can dramatically improve the way students learn and engage with new material. In 2022, the typical college student is a member of “Gen Z”—a young group of innovative students who are no stranger to technology. Keeping classrooms up-to-date with the latest digital integrations provides a comfortable arena for young minds to flourish while learning about new concepts and world views.

Save Time and Money

Digital signage has many practical benefits as well, including lower operating costs. Screens with the ability to change messages and images at any given time mean that universities can share more information at one time. This way, multiple areas on campus can have their content displayed in high-traffic areas without ever having to print, ship, or install large and clunky banners or posters. Not to mention—the added benefits of digital signs being more environmentally sustainable, accessible, and adaptable to a variety of needs.

New Avenue for Marketing

Universities can also use digital signs to enhance their internal and external marketing. Classroom and common area screens can display awareness campaigns for various degree programs, new campus offerings, student wellness announcements, and so much more! Digital signage can also be used as a revenue generator. External campus partners can pay to host advertisements in campus buildings.

There are incredible social and practical benefits of digital sign integration in higher education. From engagement and learning, to safety and cost-effectiveness, IVCi’s digital enhancements in universities can increase adaptability and accessibility. Contact us today to see all the possibilities waiting for you!

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