The time has come for a new kind of user-inspired subscription service. IVCi’s EVOLVE AV as a Service subscription provides just that. As a room life-cycle solution, it includes design, procurement, deployment and support. AVaaS is the perfect formula of freedom and flexibility, affordability and convenience, and protection and peace of mind.

IVCi’s EVOLVE has bundled everything you need to manage your AV technology into one easy to digest package. It’s a no-worry, break-fix, all-in-one subscription service that was inspired by end users and created with them in mind.

Evolve is the Better Way to Buy and Bundle Technology

Evolve is the better way to buy and bundle technology because with EVOLVE AV as a Service, you’ll get…

The ability to consistently modernize. Our team will keep you up to date about what new technologies to invest in to keep your business modern and your productivity booming. You can upgrade at any time.

The chance to become an expert. EVOLVE offers a revolutionary in-room QR code that connects to our world-class MVE team for assistance and learning. You can access real-time support and references that help you get the most out of your technology without having to pause your workday or delay your video conferences.

Evaluate your needs on an ongoing basis. Easy end-of-term options allow you to evaluate your technology needs to determine whether renewing or returning your technology is the best move for your business at that current time.

Be protected against the unknown and unpredictable. You can reset term options at any time with EVOLVE AVaaS. Business is booming? Reset your terms to scale up. Facing a business challenge or aftermath of a circumstance outside your control? Reset your terms to scale down or re-allocate resources.

Lower TCO. The “as a service” model brings predictable costs with less needed upfront. Preserve your cashflow to use elsewhere, while saving on the cost of procurement and service.

Examples of Technology Bundles Available with EVOLVE AVaaS

The goal of EVOLVE audio video as a service is to truly create a technology program that is tailored to your company’s individual needs. However, if you’re not sure what your exact needs are or where to start, we can offer bundles that have worked for similar organizations and industries.

Here are two examples of technology bundle solutions we offer:

Webex Desk Pro

  • Multitouch video conference display that combines codec, camera, and speaker into a single device
  • Automatic framing camera technology
  • Wired connections for BYOD
  • Any platform can leverage camera, microphone, and speaker
  • Wireless presentation via Cisco Teams App
  • Whiteboard and annotation capabilities
  • 27 inch screen size

Webex Room Kit Mini

  • Video conference room system that combines codec, camera, microphone, and speaker into a single device
  • Touch 10 controller
  • Automatic framing camera technology
  • Wired connections for BYOD
  • Any platform can leverage camera, microphone, and speaker
  • Wireless presentation via Cisco Teams App
  • Single 65 inch, 4k, wall-mounted display

If you’re ready to leap into the future of AV as a Service, you’ll need the right audio video conferencing equipment provider to guide you through the process. Contact us today to find out how we can bring you the power of collaborative environments that make meetings happen.

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