Organizations across a number of industries are looking forward to getting back to work in their offices, but need to make sure they do so safely. COVID-19 is still a risk that businesses need to take seriously; in addition, there are CDC guidelines that need to be followed for reopening.

But with some careful planning and strategic technology initiatives, companies can get back to work safely, focusing on productivity and collaboration without putting anyone at risk. Here are our top five ways to help businesses get back to work safely:

1. Use thermal scanning to screen upon entrance

An important part of returning to work safely is being able to screen employees and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19. The most easily detectable symptom is a fever, so temperature checks are common practice. Thermal cameras give a no contact way to check for elevated temperatures automatically, sending an alert when a fever is detected.

2. Sanitize common surfaces

During this time it’s important to ramp up cleaning and sanitation efforts. UV light technology is a powerful, efficient way to kill germs on devices, surfaces, and even in entire rooms. UV light is trusted in hospitals and medical facilities for its ability to kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

3. Maintain social distancing standards

The CDC recommends maintaining a distance of at least six feet from others whenever possible. It’s important to keep up these standards in the office. You can do this by giving your employees the tools they need to successfully work either in the office or remotely, so you can rotate teams. That way, the office is never at a high enough capacity to have people working within six feet from each other. An AV conferencing company can recommend the right technology for hybrid remote work.

4. Limit in-person meetings

In-person meetings bring multiple people within a confined space, so they really should be avoided whenever possible for the near future. Video conferencing setups enable companies to have “face to face” meetings without putting either party at risk of exposure. You won’t skip a beat of collaboration or productivity, but you’ll keep everyone safe. Video conferencing is a great option for internal meetings, client meetings, onboarding and more. It’s important to invest in high-quality equipment to ensure no interruption in performance — an audio video conferencing company can recommend the right one for you.

5. Follow all CDC and OSHA recommendations

The CDC and OSHA have put together a number of guidelines for businesses to reopen safely. It’s important to read their guidance thoroughly and make sure everyone who enters the building understands the expectations. Both organizations have a number of resources for helping businesses put together and execute reopening plans centered around safety.

Most of these safety measures are made possible because of implementing technology. Not only is technology at the heart of maintaining safety when returning to work, it’s an investment that could improve productivity and collaboration in the long run. Having a video conferencing company by your side during your reopening phase can make all the difference in making a safe return.

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