IVCi and GlobalMed Design Custom Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare Clients

IVCi and GlobalMed Design Custom Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare Clients

July 13, 2016Byadmin

GlobalMed is an IVCi partner and manufacturer of telemedicine solutions that facilitate remote communication among healthcare providers and patients. IVCi and GlobalMed work together to produce total telemedicine solutions for our health care customers — we help create, design, and integrate video conferencing and audio visual systems that are controlled by a simple, easy to use interface. IVCi has many years of experience creating unique telemedicine solutions for the health care industry, having worked with clients of all sizes on customized telehealth systems. The telehealth solutions that IVCi and GlobalMed provide are vendor agnostic; they are compatible with Polycom, Cisco, and other manufacturers. Our solutions range from peripherals and software for cart-based systems to fully loaded platforms suitable for satellite clinics.

The Need for Telemedicine Solutions

Our telehealth solutions address some of the challenges that are facing the health care industry today. For example, we provide systems that are particularly useful in rural areas where patients’ access to specialists may be limited. Patients in these underserved areas often travel many miles to a specialist’s office, and spend hours en route. Whether an appointment is for a parent or a child, travel for a distant doctor visit affects the whole family, and can result in lost time from work or school. Telehealth solutions allow a specialist to travel to a satellite office to see patients, increasing access to patient care while reducing the number of patients in the waiting room.

Telehealth solutions also address the unique challenges of emergency departments. In an emergency, when a specialist is seen quickly it can mean better care for a patient and increased revenue for the health care provider. For example, a small rural hospital may continually transfer patients to secondary facilities in an emergency due to lack of access to specialists. Telemedicine reduces the need for transfer by immediately connecting patients in remote hospitals to a specialist for assessment. This is especially useful in an urgent scenario such as the valuable time after a patent suffers a stroke. In this short window when a patient needs to receive treatment, telemedicine can provide access to the necessary care.

Telehealth Equipment Options

GlobalMed provides a full line of telemedicine solutions that are appropriate for almost any health care environment. For example, GlobalMed’s TotalExam examination camera is a hand-held device that gives physicians and health care providers the ability to get very close images of a patient. The TotalExam cam is light, small, and flexible, and is similar to a dry erase marker or a pen. The camera easily captures images such as abrasions, skin cancers, throat lesions, etc, giving doctors much of the information they may need to make an informed assessment.

The GlobalMed carts are mobile units that house video conferencing technology for remote exams. These carts are well engineered and designed to be hassle-free, without cable reels or wires encumbering movement. Carts are completely customizable, based on the unique needs of the health care provider, and include an antimicrobial work surface, tabletop with adjustable height, five-star heavy duty wheel-base, durable medical-grade battery for use in presence of oxygen-flow, choice of configuration of high definition monitors, echo-free microphones and speakers, and remote camera control.

The telehealth solutions that IVCi and GlobalMed provide are designed with the needs of physicians in mind. The control system is easy to use and consists of just two buttons – one to control light, and one to freeze video. Systems are available for outdoor use, or for times when it is not possible to perform an assessment in a hospital or doctor’s office. At this time many providers opt for the use of a unique aluminum portable case that weighs less than 30 pounds, and that most health care providers can handle with ease. All of the necessary technology and audio visual equipment is included inside the case, facilitating collaboration with the remote site.

In addition, Capture PC interacts directly with the cart system, allowing a remote clinician to share images with a doctor or specialist during an actual video conferencing session, or later at the physician’s convenience. With this technology, images are captured, and the user is able to make notations such as circles, arrows, and other shapes directly on the screen. Features in an image may be highlighted and measured, and the image will receive a time, date, location will be stamp. Capture saves all images, notes, measurements, and drawings into a patients’ medical record. Images may be captured by smart phones, mobile apps, and downloaded right into a patient’s medical record.

The GlobalMed and IVCi Difference

GlobalMed’s solutions work well not only due to the efficient design of each custom telehealth solution, but also the process GlobalMed has created to deliver telemedicine in the most effective manner. IVCi supplements this process with complete integrated solutions that provide a place to meet with easy to use equipment, and include presentation and media rooms that accommodate remote participants in medical grand round and tumor boards.

IVCi and GlobalMed can provide medical facilities of all sizes with custom designed telehealth solutions. Contact us at1-800-224-7083 to have an IVCi Representative contact you with additional information.


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