IVCi Designs AV Solutions
 that Match the Way You Work

You want your collaboration solutions to take full advantage of proven technologies while solving your company’s unique requirements.

No problem. You can count on IVCi to take best-in-class equipment, various end-points, and different collaboration environments and bring them all together to match the way you work.

Five key areas where we focus our integration expertise:
  • IVCi HAS THE EXPERTISE to design standard solutions for large deployments. From huddle rooms to AV-enabled meeting rooms to auditoriums, IVCi will strategically source the equipment in a way that works to your financial benefit.

  • WE ENSURE that the AV technology in our collaboration solutions works seamlessly together—all easily accessed and controlled by everyone, even the technology challenged.

  • WE BRIDGE the divide between your telephone and video conferencing technology and your network and cloud deployment. We also optimize your investment in each of these components, so we make Unified Communications not just a catch phrase but a reality.

  • WE MAKE IT EASIER for you to stay in contact with all of your partners and customers, even if they are using different networks or clouds.

  • WE EMBED the latest video software into your applications and websites, making it easier for your users to initiate a video connection and experience the benefits of video enhanced communication—without leaving their work space.

  • Our goal is simply this: to seamlessly integrate our solutions into your meeting rooms, conference rooms, or auditoriums, so your teams are able to focus on their work instead of technology.

TO LEARN MORE about our innovations, call us at:

We design a collaboration solution that works for you by:
Assessing Your Requirements
Delivering Exceptional Design Services
Providing Comprehensive Project Management
Offering Extensive Service Options

Our industry certified Collaboration Strategists have both the training and hands-on expertise to create a solution that not only meets, but exceeds, your requirements.

Let’s Evaluate Your Options. It’s Free.

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