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September 3, 2014 by Jennifer ContinoCollaboration

Ready to bring collaboration tools into your classroom?  Educators are looking for ways to create technology-infused learning environments designed to foster collaboration.  Here are a few tools for effective collaboration and why you should adopt them.

Cloud Storage:
Need to lighten up the backpacks?  Here’s an easy way, students and teachers can store and share files and projects on the cloud.  Cloud storage allows for easy collaboration, no more emailing back and forth and worrying about who has the final document.  Cloud collaboration allows users to share folders, documents and update any changes made in real time.  Cloud Collaboration allows for instant access anywhere, on any device, with automatic back up.

Need to share/stream lectures or presentations?  There are several benefits to incorporating this type of technology into the classroom.  When there is a library of lectures available students who miss a class, or need a little extra clarification can access the lectures for improved comprehension on the subject.  When students know they can access the lecture, they might be less focused on taking notes, and more inclined to participate.  Streaming lectures allows for greater reach with a global audience, students would have access to more content, enabling them to expand their knowledge database.

Video Conferencing:
Video conferencing in the classroom primarily allows faculty to extend their reach globally, as well as connect students to students.  In addition video conferencing allows students to connect with experts face-to-face in real time, whereas without the technology they may not have had the opportunity due to geographic location.  While bringing together students from different locations, video conferencing provides a unique multicultural experience and promotes collaboration across the globe that helps build lifetime connections.

SMART Board:
The SMART board is an interactive whiteboard, aimed at providing unique presentations and engaging students.  With a synchronous connection to the instructors’ computer, it allows you to view, share and store documents for later viewing.  The SMART board was designed with the ability to navigate with either your finger or the pen provided; this allows the instructor to navigate easily through the content while engaging students.  Some of the best uses for the SMART board are taking notes while brainstorming, collaborative learning, interacting with websites & worksheets, and saving your notes with the ability to share digitally.

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