5 Things You Should Know About the Videxio/Pexip Merger

Start-ups Videxio and Pexip have announced a merger that promises to provide video conferencing buyers with state-of-the-art hardware and software. The aim is to combine their products to provide businesses with a more complete portfolio that meets the needs of customers and partners.

Founded in 2011, Videxio has become a global provider of cloud videoconferencing and collaboration with solutions, fit for companies of all shapes and sizes. Founded in 2012, Pexip has grown into a sought-after software-based meeting platform designed for the cloud, and is used as both a dedicated enterprise application and service provider platform. And as recently June 2018, Pexip has added to its partnerships by connecting with Google Cloud to enable interoperability to Google Hangouts Meet to add to their list of services.

With the merge of these two rapidly successful companies, it’s easy to assume the video conferencing industry can expect a lot of success, innovation, and growth from the unified company.

Here are the top 5 highlights of the announcement:

  1. From the beginning, both companies have had proven success on their own. Both companies have experienced significant growth in a period of 6 to 7 years, which is remarkable for startups in the industry.
  2. The two companies already have successful business experience with one another. Videxio has been tech partners with Pexip since 2013, and have used their services as a platform component in Videxio solutions.
  3. Many of their channel partners and services providers already work with both companies. This set up has made it substantially easier for the merger to take place.
  4. Both dedicated deployment and flexible cloud services will be made available. When it comes to IT, some prefer a dedicated deployment with tight integration into their IT network, while others want a flexible public cloud service. With the merging of these two companies, these services will be easily provided through one company.
  5. These elements combined are projected to result in seamless buyer experience. As a combined company and with their partners, they will be able to offer both dedicated deployment and flexible cloud service in a seamless integration and help enterprises move from a dedicated deployment to a private or public cloud service, or a combination of all three.

What The Future of the Merger Looks Like

Both companies have valuable assets, and ultimately the merging of the two will create a product portfolio that will satisfy the needs of a broader user market while also introducing innovative solutions.

CEO of Videxio, Tom-Erik Lia, stated, “We will continue to offer and develop the existing product portfolio, while building on the best elements from both companies. We have an outstanding team and for them the merger will create an exciting environment filled with new challenges and opportunities to grow, develop and innovate. Our channel partners will gain access to a broader portfolio of products and services to best address their customers’ collaboration requirements while our customers will enjoy a wider range of solutions and continued innovation.”

The deal will be sealed at the end of 2018. Upon finalization, the combined company will be called Pexip and will continue to serve more than 300 partners globally, with users in 195 countries.