Grow Your Legal Practice with Visual Collaboration

By integrating visual collaboration solutions into their practice, law firms can increase billable hours and grow their client base. The result is improved revenue streams, increased client satisfaction and higher client retention.

Maximize Face Time with Clients

Visual collaboration combines the benefits of face-to-face interactions with the cost savings of remote meetings. Video interaction provides eye contact and other non-verbal cues which help build and strengthen client relationships. Plus, the increased visibility improves client satisfaction, and eventually retention. Firms can also increase efficiency and maximize billable hours by switching routine client meetings or status updates to video. Attorneys can conduct more meetings in less time by eliminating the back and forth travel between meetings.

Expert Witnesses at Your Fingertips

Subject matter experts can be difficult and costly to access; especially if they are located overseas. Video conferencing solutions allow these professionals to provide expert opinions and corroborate evidence from their office. Conference room environments equipped with a telepresence system and dual displays, also allow the legal team to view the expert on one screen and the shared content on the other. Additionally, the ability to record these conferences offers increased protection and flexibility for trial.

Access the Best & Brightest Talent

Firms can use video to increase the geographical pool of candidates exponentially. Video interviews provide far more insight than traditional phone interviews and can assist in the screening process by offering insight into a candidate’s personality along with helping to determine whether or not the applicant will be a good fit for the firm. In addition, law firms that incorporate the latest technology differentiate themselves as progressive and therefore are more attractive to new recruits.

Improve Legal Care with Video Conferencing Solutions

Improve revenue streams, increase client satisfaction and higher client retention. Start Today!

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