Video Operations Training

Video Operations Training consists of a comprehensive training program that ensures the right technical staff, processes and procedures are in place to manage a business video environment.

First, a thorough review is conducted to assess the current or prospective video environment including operational processes, video staffing, competencies and the overall conference experience being delivered. Then our team will focus on creating a series of processes and procedures for video conferencing management, including the following areas:

  • Conference scheduling
  • System monitoring
  • Change management
  • Conference support and management
  • Staffing requirements and roles
  • Staffing responsibilities

An operations guide outlining these processes will be provided along with a detailed training session for team members who manage the day-to-day operations. The training will ensure the video operations staff has a thorough understanding of the processes and procedures required to ensure a consistent experience.

The Video Operations Training program is based on years of production environment experience that come from managing the video environments of our customers. The program is built upon industry standards and best practices to ensure that collaboration environments are running in the most efficient manner possible. The right staff combined with the right procedures will provide a reliable process that ensures a consistent experience and allows end users to embrace visual collaboration as a business tool by making full use of the technology without it getting in the way of true collaboration.


Video Operations Training Brochure

How Can IVCI Help?

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