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By Chris Böttger, Senior Vice President, Collaboration Services Whether you are looking to invest in a video conferencing solution or want to know how to get the most out of your current system, you need to know some of the key components that make video conferencing calls successful every time. Determining Business Needs The first challenge is to understand your business’ needs. Your goal may be to reduce costs, improve productivity, run a training program, or implement a distance learning program. Once you determine the particular application, you are ready to select and implement your system. Ensuring Executive Buy-in You will need top management’s commitment in …

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Recently the New York Times ran a story regarding the security of video conferencing systems, highlighting a hacker who was able to connect to open video networks of major organizations. This “hacker” was actually a security chief tasked with finding the holes in his clients’ network security. What he found was that while companies have spent billions fortifying their network security, many have ignored securing their video systems. Simply put, he was able to tour multiple conference rooms and facilities, even control the cameras. What a nightmare! Many of these systems were set up outside of a company’s firewalls to make connectivity to remote sites and partners …

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GlobalMed is an IVCi partner and manufacturer of telemedicine solutions that facilitate remote communication among healthcare providers and patients. IVCi and GlobalMed work together to produce total telemedicine solutions for our health care customers — we help create, design, and integrate video conferencing and audio visual systems that are controlled by a simple, easy to use interface. IVCi has many years of experience creating unique telemedicine solutions for the health care industry, having worked with clients of all sizes on customized telehealth systems. The telehealth solutions that IVCi and GlobalMed provide are vendor agnostic; they are compatible with Polycom, Cisco, …

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