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Collaborative Telepresence (CTP)

CTP is the convergence of video conferencing, data handling and visualization in a meeting room context.

Video conferencing is becoming widespread, but users often lack capabilities of combining this with interactive work on data applications in order to make decisions and drive projects forward.

Also, we see that the traditional meeting rooms are losing their significance. Display resolution is too low, and complexity increases as new features are added. Many users simply have better performance at their personal work space.

Still, effective collaboration between regions and across functional areas is paramount, and this is what CTP addresses.

Driving Corporate Value

Your collaborative work environment shall enhance access to people and data plus facilitate for effective knowledge sharing. To achieve this ambition, the user experience is key.

There should be a unified interface that manages all operations, and that can be personalized to deliver the good performance and ease of use that most professionals have at their personal work space.

Standardization of the user interface across all meeting rooms may make sense to lower the threshold, and functionality needs to meet or exceed expectations to make sure tasks are completed and that the desired work processes are repeated.

Entering a CTP shall exceed what the user experience at his personal work space. The quality of data reproduction and data sharing needs to mirror this. Furthermore, the CTP should base its communication and sharing capabilities on industry standard protocols to avoid failure in operations and the need for special setups.

Finally, multipurpose use of CTPs has proven to be a good driver to enhance corporate collaboration, increase utilization and deliver a strong ROI. Clients in the Energy sector reports that their CTPs are used for:

  • Geological interpretation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Partner license meetings
  • Peer reviews between regions
  • Management meetings


How Can IVCI Help?

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