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Founded in April 2013, Avizia Inc. was started by former Cisco employees from a highly successful business unit that created technology products and services that serve the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries.

The team is comprised of engineers, industry experts, sales professionals, and experienced executives that are passionate about improving access to healthcare and education through creative application of advanced communications technologies.

Avizia maintains a strong relationship with Cisco and is proud to exclusively feature Cisco TelePresence Technology in their products. Their mission is to improve people’s lives by adapting video technology to expand access, improve efficiency, and increase the reach of providers in healthcare, education, and government.

The same video conferencing technology that connects boardrooms and corporations can give patients in rural areas access to medical specialists, and enable students around the world to learn from the best professors available. Avizia uses industry-leading Cisco TelePresence Technology to enable high-definition, real-time video collaboration customized to meet the unique product requirements and user needs of healthcare, education, and government customers.

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